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Wireless Smartphone Mirror Interface + USB Media (HDMI Out Only) (Android, iPhone Compatible)

Pricing: $140.00


*** You Must purchase a vehicle specific video integration interface along with this interface as most vehicles do not come with video inputs.***

Vehicle Specific Video Interfaces

- Our product allows to wirelessly stream video and audio from smartphones or other devices that are capable of screen mirroring.

- Our product will allow to mirror your smartphone's screens using a Wi-Fi direct connection formed between our product and smartphones other devices that are capable of screen mirroring.

- Our product has an HDMI output and a composite video output. It’s designed to work with every NAViKS video interface and other devices that accept HDMI video inputs or composite video inputs.

- *** FOR IPHONE's *** we recommend the following:
1. Hard wire method (HDMI Adapter MD826 + HDMI Wire)
2. Apple TV method (Apple TV).

- If you still want to give our WiFi Mirror interface a try using an iPhones device please be aware: Mirror option works but most video application (besides Youtube, video's saved on phone's memory and few other applications) will NOT work that's just how the iPhone works. All other applications work normal.

Kit consists of:
1. Mirror Interface.
2. Power Wire (USB Type).
3. HDMI Out Cable.
4. Operation Manual.


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