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CarPlay & Android Auto
Naviks is proud to offer our HD and regular Navigation systems that will add the GPS capability to your monitor.
Smartphone Mirroring
Naviks is proud to offer our universal smartphone mirroring solutions for any monitor capable of video playback. The devices are universal and will require a video integration interface if your cars monitor doesn’t have video inputs.
Video In Motion
Naviks is proud to offer our video in motion devices that allow you to use functions that are locked out when the car is in motion.
Video & Camera Interface
Naviks is proud to offer our all in one solution that allows you to add a backup or front camera while still having the ability to add other devices to your existing monitor.
Rear Camera Interface 
Naviks is proud to offer our backup camera interfaces to add backup camera, front camera or both. If you don’t find your vehicle here please check our video interface section it just means we...More Details »
Front Camera Interface
360 Camera Interface
Force OEM Rear Camera
Force OEM Front Camera
AUX Audio Input Add-On
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In this section you will find such devices as backup cameras and other gadgets that complement our video integration devices.