About Us

Integration is the New Standard

From Installers to Innovators.

In 2003 we started as a 12 volt automotive accessory installation facility that specialized in upgrading cars with aftermarket electronic accessories. Our customers turned to us to upgrade their vehicle to include the latest technologies available. In 2003 upgrading car electronics was a straightforward process, but with rapid change in technology and the automotive manufacturers shifting their focus to providing more electronics in the car, the next few years would completely change our industry and our trade. Automotive manufactures started to focus more on the electronics and the driver’s ability to be more connected with the car. Car manufacturers began to offer accessories we installed such as built in navigation units and multimedia displays making our work harder and at times impossible to achieve the factory look and feel customers desired. We started to look for innovative ways to tie in common accessories still not offered by the manufactures. Our goal was simple let the customer retain all original equipment but allow them at the same time to integrate important accessories like a backup camera to their existing screens. Every year car manufacturers improve and add to their offerings but it takes years from design to the dealer’s floor and with quick innovations in other industry’s it always makes the cars electronics outdated. Naviks goal is to provide solutions to integrate new technology without sacrificing the factory look and equipment.

Why you should choose Naviks

Automotive manufacturers like Acura, BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz were the first to offer vehicles with Navigation units, as customers began demanding integration solutions Naviks is born. The first integrations solutions were homemade hard to install solutions. The absence of a quality, easy to install solutions gave Naviks an opportunity to offer our first unit a universal RGB device with vehicle specific harness to allow easier integration without compromising factory wiring. Each year since we started the release of new technology from automotive manufacturers has grown our industry and has Naviks working harder than ever to offer more products and solutions.