About Us

Integration is the New Standard

Unlock the Full Capability of Your Vehicle’s Technology

From Ferrari to Kia, more automobile manufacturers are including screens in their newest models.

Naviks empowers car owners to receive enhanced benefits from their vehicle’s technology, without sacrificing the factory look or equipment. We provide a solution for customers seeking additional functionality from factory-installed automobile screens.

Some examples of this functionality include:

• Backup camera, front camera, or side cameras for safety and easier parking
• Phone mirroring
• Apple CarPlay
• The ability to add and display almost any video device, and have it displayed on the car’s monitor

Naviks’ products enhance your driving experience while keeping your vehicle’s original technology and look in place. We offer a vehicle-specific harness that allows easy integration without compromising the factory wiring, and without jeopardizing your vehicle warranty.

Vehicle Technology Designed to Meet Your Needs

At Naviks, we are passionate about cars and technology. That passion pushes us to find new ways to meet customer needs.

We now design and manufacture a majority of our products right here, in our Brooklyn, NY facilities. We’ve transitioned from manufacturing about 5 percent of the technology we sell, to 70 percent, in the last three years alone. Because of these changes, our company is always expanding, and we have more freedom to innovate on our current offerings.

From Installation to Vehicle Technology Innovation

We earned our reputation as innovators in an ever-evolving industry. Naviks began in 2003 as a collection of electrical engineers and 12-volt electricians installing vehicle audio and alarm equipment. Car manufacturers made significant improvements to their product over this time. Soon, much of what we were installing came standard on the factory build.

We work hard to stay ahead of the change. As car manufacturers provided customers with more technology, we continue to develop products that help our customers do more with that technology.

At the Industry Forefront

Naviks takes pride in offering our customers the most innovative products, paired with excellent customer care, and an unmatched value. Every year, car manufacturers are improving the technology in their cars. Naviks is working harder than ever to enhance the capability these vehicles provide.

Once you see what’s possible with your car’s technology, you won’t want to go back. Contact Naviks today to find out more!